Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ninteenth of Summer, 14th Year of the Wind

     Arrived at the Den in Brimms early this morning, greeted by brothers and sisters alike. It's always good to come home, since most of my time is spent away. It all seemed like it was going to be a good day, Father Tobias was he usual amiable self, nothing seemed out of place in his office.

     We didn't have a warning, it would seem that our sentries were dealt with silently. I heard it first because I was closer to the door, and the look in Father Tobias' eyes confirmed it. Someone was chanting. We climbed opposite walls and held ourselves in the corners of the room closest to the door. I knew what was coming and looked away before the fireball hit the door and it exploded outward, showering the room with splinters, metal, and molten lava. The fire burned for a few seconds engulfing the desk and bookshelves behind it. It winked out completely, not even smoke left behind.

     The first two men entered the room together one with a sword, one with a mace, neither in robes. The third person that entered the room was in a dark blue floor-length robe with hood. I took a breath to ready myself, and before I jumped down, Father Tobias was standing between the three men. The two armed men were already falling to their knees and the mage sagged. I hadn't seen Father Tobias move at all, but in the time it took me to consider my next action, there were three corpses in the room, and a humming chant coming from beyond the door.

     I knew that Father Tobias dabbled in the Arcane, but I wasn't aware that his taste was in darker arts. Screams replaced the chanting, a chorus of screams. I hopped down and stepped to Father Tobias' side, kneeling to check for life in the three men on the floor. I glanced through the door and saw a tentacle the size of a horse rip another robed man in half, the tentacle coming out of a shadowy mist against one wall.

     I feel that Magic, for the most part, makes people complacent. Why gather wood and make a fire when you can just cast a spell? Laziness, as far as I'm concerned. I don't fear those that use magic, for the most part I pity them.

     Seeing this chills me to the bone.